Note : The current Notice applies to both Desjardins Financial Security, life insurance company as well as all its affiliated companies, its management, directors, agents and employees, as well as anyone else involved with the creation of the present site.

Assistel knows how important security and privacy of your personal information is to you. Our organization is subject to both federal and provincial laws relating to the protection of personal information. Assistel takes whatever precautions necessary to respect these laws. To this end, procedures are in place within the company to ensure that personal information is protected. Assistel adheres to the general privacy policy established by Desjardins Financial Security in 1994.

The policy states the following:

Any personal information that Assistel holds or will hold concerning you or your clients will be treated confidentially, and will be kept in a file opened to allow you to benefit from specific assistance services. This information will only be consulted by Assistel personnel who require it to perform their duties in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement signed with Assistel.

You may access your file to correct information that you can prove is incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous, outdated or unnecessary. You must then send a written request to the person in charge of the protection of personal information at Assistel Inc., 1100 Rene-Levesque Blvd. West, Suite 1500, Montreal, Quebec H3B 4N4.

Additional Information for Website Users

Assistel gathers personal information, i.e., information relating specifically to you, such as your name, address, or e-mail address, only when you provide it to us of your own free will.

Assistel is committed to protecting your personal information using appropriate security measures. To find out more about the measures we have taken, please consult the Security section below.

The Assistel site may use cookies. While cookies can identify you as a specific user, they do not recognize you by your name or other personal information. You can program your browser to refuse cookies. However, by choosing this option you may lose access to certain services offered by Assistel. If you would like more information on cookies, please consult the Security section below.

Assistel may gather information for statistical purposes, for instance, to determine the popularity of each site page, the average number of pages accessed per visitor, and the average time each visitor spends on the site. None of this information is linked to you as an individual visitor. It is only used for in-house audit purposes and to help us improve our site.

When you complete a survey or enter a contest, we will be made aware of your opinion or any other information you wish to provide. We might use this information in the survey results, and post it on our Website.

Changes to the Policy

Assistel reserves the right to change this policy at any time.


Assistel recognizes the importance of protecting the information you exchange with us over the Internet guarding against computer piracy.

Security and privacy are among our highest priorities. We have devoted a great deal of effort to ensuring that our online security measures keep your information strictly confidential. Our employees must adhere to the strict confidentiality standards outlined in our privacy policy, which we invite you to consult.

Please take a few moments to read about the steps we have taken to make your online activities safer and learn how to protect yourself on the Internet.

Why Is This Site So Secure?

Browser Version

This site supports browsers with a high level of encryption such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher (PC users). The site also supports earlier versions of Internet Explorer such as Version 6.0 and other high-quality browsers such as Firefox.


Cookies are used on our site. They identify your browser software when you move from site to site or page to page during a Web session. This information can then be used to identify you and facilitate your access to a site and your ability to navigate within our site. Cookies can only be read by the website that sends them to your computer.

When you access our site directly or through a publicity redirecting to our site, a cookie file is automatically created in your computer. Our server and possibly third party ad servers can access this file in order to improve your experience on our site and in some instances promote our products. While they enable the site to identify you as a specific user, they don’t recognize you by your name or other personal information. No personal information is collected through cookies.

We may collect information for statistical purposes, for instance, to determine a page’s popularity, the average number of pages accessed per visitor, and the average time each visitor spends on the site. Cookies may also allow us to display Desjardins publicity if you access an external site which displays those publicities.

We use two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: these are not stored on your hard drive and are deleted when you log off our site.
  • Persistent cookies: these are stored on your hard drive and recalled at your next visit. They are stored as text files in order to preclude any viruses or programs from accessing your data.

To access all parts of our website, your browser must accept cookies. If your browser is set up to refuse cookies, you can change the Internet settings in your web browser to allow cookies. If you do not allow cookies, some pages may not function properly and some features may not be available.

Clearing Your Browser Cache

A good maintenance tip is to clear your browser cache (where cookies are located). Clearing these files helps your browser run more efficiently and will not change any of your browser’s settings. To clear the cache:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (PC users)

  • Under Tools, select Internet Options
  • Select General
  • Click on Delete Files
  • Select Delete all Offline Content
  • Click on OK

If you continue to encounter memory problems, you may need to quit and restart the program.